Paul Hughes | Founder of Total Office Cleaning

Paul Hughes | Founder of Total Office Cleaning

In 1989 I set out to build the most reliable commercial cleaning business in the North Atlanta area. When I founded Total Office Cleaning, one of the first things I did was define a clear vision for myself and my future staff. From the beginning, Total Office Cleaning has been built on the following 4 core values.


Above all else, honesty is the most important core value at Total Office Cleaning. Our entire staff is trained and understands the expectation that regardless of the circumstances or consequences, we must be completely honest with each and every client.


From the cleaning products we use, to the physical work done by our staff, we accept nothing less than the highest quality. One of the biggest reasons that we’ve been around for almost 25 years is that we’ve always delivered the highest quality services to our clients.


We’ve invested substantially at Total Office Cleaning to ensure that whenever we tell a client we will do something that it gets done. Our existing clients have come to rely on this core value and they know from experience that if they ask and we commit then the task is as good as done.


It has never been the goal of Total Office Cleaning to be the “cheapest” or “least expensive” commercial cleaning service. Instead, we are constantly training, refining and streamlining in order to make sure that we deliver the highest quality cleaning services at the best value possible.