Exterior Pressure Washing

Total Office Cleaning | Exterior Pressure Washing ServicesExterior Pressure Washing services are available as either a one-time service or a regular interval service for any of our clients at Total Office Cleaning. We maintain the latest high quality exterior pressure washing equipment available and we can pressure wash the exterior buildings, sidewalks and parking lots at any size facility.

What’s included in our Exterior Pressure Washing Services?

You might be wondering, “What does your service cover when we hire you to pressure wash the exterior of our facility?“. In a nutshell, below is a list of many of the tasks that our staff provides when we clean the windows in your facility.

If your office or facility requires a task that doesn’t appear in the list below, don’t worry, we can most certainly handle it.

  • Pre wash mold & mildew treatment
  • Visual gutter, drain & downspout inspection*
  • Pressure washing of areas specified
  • Post-washing inspection*

Why not give us a shot?

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*Total Office Cleaning will visually inspect all gutters, drains & downspouts in areas agreed upon and will provide report of any obstructions or repair issues that should be addressed. Client is welcome to accompany us to point out problem areas or issues that they are aware of. Total Office Cleaning will do a Post-washing inspection to ensure that all areas have been completed to specification. Client is welcome to join us during the Post-washing inspection.