Sewage Cleanup

Total Office Cleaning | Sewage Cleanup ServicesSewage Cleanup & Mitigation services are available on an as needed basis for any of our clients at Total Office Cleaning. We maintain the latest high quality sewage cleanup & mitigation equipment available and we can clean & mitigate sewage from flooding, plumbing leaks and damages or any other source at any size facility.

NOTE: These services may be covered by your insurance company. We highly recommend that you consult with your insurance agency about any sewage flooding or leak damage. We can work with any insurance adjuster to ensure your facility is cleared for occupancy ASAP.

What’s included in our Sewage Cleanup & Mitigation Services?

You might be wondering, “What does your service cover when we hire you sewage cleanup & mitigation at our facility as the result of a flood, plumbing leak or other problem source?“. In a nutshell, below is a list of many of the tasks that our staff provides when we clean the windows in your facility.

If your office or facility requires a task that doesn’t appear in the list below, don’t worry, we can most certainly handle it.

  • Site assessment to ensure that all required areas are identified
  • Communication with insurance adjusters as required
  • Complete removal & extraction of sewage in all affected areas
  • Removal of carpeting, padding & other materials as required
  • Application of mold & mildew inhibitors
  • Post-cleanup inspection & reporting*

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*Total Office Cleaning will visually inspect all affected areas agreed upon and will make recommendations about all areas that should be addressed. Client is welcome to accompany us to point out known problem areas or issues that they are aware of. Total Office Cleaning will do a Post-cleanup inspection to ensure that all areas have been completed to specification. Client is welcome to join us during the Post-cleanup inspection. Total Office Cleaning will provide or complete any reports required by your insurance carrier.